Everyone has a story. But the best stories, the ones that stay with us, are the stories that make us think, make us feel, and move hearts and minds.

The Wave One Group is a creative agency in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in the craft of visual storytelling. We create customized film and video content for businesses, nonprofits, and public sector agencies that want to connect to their customers in clear and compelling ways.

We help clients identify the story they want to tell. We provide creative insights and a fresh approach to communicating your message to the people you care about. We embrace the storytellers in your organization, and make it easy for them to share their stories with us. We are quick studies and eager collaborators, who work alongside you to transform your vision into a video story designed to engage, inspire, and move people to act.

Told right, your story will help you build community, raise funds or awareness, and promote new products or services. At the Wave One Group, we’re about crafting stories that make an impact, so you can rise above the noise.