Trillium Creek Primary School

Imagine a school where chocolate rivers flowed, indoor slides connected one floor to another, and children could be the captains of their own learning.

Students shared these ideas—and more-- with the architects at DOWA-IBI Group during the early design sessions of Trillium Creek Primary School in Oregon’s West Linn-Wilsonville School District. The process of listening to---and honoring-- the student voice, coupled with engaging the community around a common purpose and passion, resulted in a captivating story about creating a place and space where next generation learners grow and thrive.

Winner of the 2014 Association for Learning Environments’ prestigious James D. MacConnell Award, DOWA-IBI Group needed to produce a short film highlighting the design team’s approach to engage community members and multiple stakeholders during the planning process of the new school.

What we did
Through interviews with members of the DOWA-IBI Group design team, district and community leaders, plus students, we tapped into the passion and purpose behind educational design. We showed how teachers use the building and adjoining property as teaching tools. We highlighted the building’s sustainability features, and focused on room design and key learning areas. And remember the slide? The way the design team incorporated the piece of playground equipment into the final building design was nothing less than inspired.

“The Story of Trillium Creek Primary School” debuted at the 2014 Association for Learning Environments’ International Conference in Portland, Oregon. Since then, members of the DOWA-IBI Group team have shown the video to national and international educational design audiences. The video is also part of the IBI Learning + video library, highlighting best practices in educational design.

Holly PaigeComment