The Science and Innovation Campus, Cardiff University

Rejecting the “siloed” approach of traditional research facilities, the Cardiff Studio of IBI Group designed the award-winning Science and Innovation Campus at Cardiff University with an eye toward encouraging collaboration and innovation among scientists and researchers. In telling this inspiring story of the people behind this groundbreaking project, designers from the Learning + division of IBI Group’s global design practice turned to the Wave One Group for help. 

The Learning + team wanted a video that would highlight the role design plays in creating healthy environments.  They wanted to show how people used and moved through the buildings. The video also needed to reflect multiple points of view, ranging from scientists to students, university administrators to the architects who designed the Campus.

What we did
We provided story visualization and story development sessions with the team prior to filming. We developed talking points for interviews, prepared a working script and detailed shot lists and filming schedules. We acquired the essential travel documentation needed for international work. We also coordinated our filming through the University’s communications department. As much as possible, we relied on the IBI Cardiff team for on the ground logistics help, including arranging interviews and identifying key filming locations. Planning + teamwork + flexibility = great results.

The Science and Innovation Campus story has been shown at regional and international conferences. The video is also used to market and promote IBI Group’s Learning + global design practice through its TH!NK by IBI blog, IBI Group YouTube channel, and on other social media platforms.


Holly PaigeComment