Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School, Pasadena, Texas

Transforming education in a high-minority, high-poverty school district guided the architects from the Texas Studio of IBI Group in designing the Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School in Pasadena, Texas. We produced this story with the Houston office of IBI Group to explain why educators and designers worked together to create an award-winning school that honors the dignity of work.

In sharing this inspiring story with the world, IBI Group wanted viewers to see how a building can inspire students to excel in their learning.

What we did
We were embedded in the school for five days. Our goal was to show how high school students can become excited about coming to school and learning. We used a variety of techniques to visualize the story, including the use of a drone. We used a drone to capture images both inside and outside the high school. These soaring images gives the story a sense of inspiration and excitement.

IBI Group has used this short film to show other school districts in Texas what could be. At the end of a long day of interviews, the Career and Technical High School story has a way of lifting spirits to win work.

Holly PaigeComment