College of Human Ecology, Cornell University

Developing and nurturing student creativity on college campuses starts with giving students a voice in the way they design their own learning.  At Cornell, design students had an opportunity to take student-directed learning to a new level: by working alongside architects from the New York City office of IBI Group in the design of the College of Human Ecology Building.

The Learning + division of IBI Group’s global educational design practice wanted to showcase this unique collaboration, so they turned to the Wave One Group to bring this story to life.

The Learning + team wanted a video that would illustrate the way educational design could be used to celebrate creativity and research. The team also wanted to highlight the role students played in the building’s design process. The Human Ecology Building represented a new beginning for the College, and it was important to show how the building was designed with the future in mind.

What we did
Prior to filming, we provided story visualization and story development sessions with the Learning + team. We developed talking points for interviews, prepared a working script and detailed shot lists and filming schedules. Once we arrived at Cornell, we worked closely with the College of Human Ecology’s communications team, as well as the Principal from the New York IBI Group office. During our five-day stay, we interviewed students, university administrators and staff, and filmed key sequences throughout the campus. Upon our return to Portland, we edited together the video, in collaboration with the Learning + team.

The College of Human Ecology video has been shown at regional and international conferences. It is also used to market and promote IBI Group’s Learning + global design practice through its TH!NK By IBI blog, IBI Group YouTube channel, and on other social media platforms.


Holly PaigeComment