Oregon Episcopal School: Bringing the Joy of Discovery to Life


One of the benefits of attending an independent school is having the freedom to explore your passions and learn by doing. That’s the heart of Oregon Episcopal School’s 8th Grade Inquiry Project, a year-long program where students selected a topic of interest, and developed their own process for learning more about it.

The Story Behind the Story

OES wanted to personalize this program by focusing on a student named Georgia, and her interest in coaching softball. We needed to find a theme for this story, and a logical place to start was by finding out how Georgia developed her love for softball in the first place. During our interview with Georgia, we learned that when she was a little girl, her father would pitch whiffle balls to her in their backyard, and she’d hit them using a big plastic bat. What started as a special time between Georgia and her dad led to a lifelong passion for softball, and that became the story’s “hook.” We rounded out the story using comments from the OES teacher leading the Inquiry Project, who talked about the positive impact this kind of independent learning has on OES student, and, by extension, the OES community.

This video provides a snapshot into one of OES’ innovative programs, and gives parents an opportunity to see why OES might be a good place for their son or daughter.

Holly PaigeComment